Is It Necessary to Embalm a Body?

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What is embalming?

It is a process wherein the dead body is cleaned and disinfected. It is also referred to as the procedure of preparing, disinfecting, and preserving a cadaver to an acceptable physical condition. Embalming is done to preserve the deceased/decedent from natural decomposition. 

Do you have to embalm a dead body?

No. You are not required to embalm the deceased family member. However, you need to bury the dead body within the day as it will start to deteriorate. There are some cultures and religions that prohibit them from embalming their dead loved ones such as the Muslims. 

Is It Necessary to Embalm a Body?

Is there an alternative to embalming?

Yes, refrigeration. If embalming is not an option but you still have to wait for some family members to attend the funeral, you may refrigerate the dead body. It may be expensive and subject to availability; it is the best possible solution you have.

Why do you embalm a body?

Since embalming preserves the body, it allows you to hold a pre-funeral arrangement such as a wake. There are other aspects involved in the embalming process, it is best to talk to a funeral director to help you.

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