What Do You Need To Do When Death Happens Away From Home?

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When a loved one dies, it is hard enough, but it is even more complicated and stressful when death occurs far from home. Knowing what to do beforehand when possible can help ease the burden for you and other family members responsible for arranging the funeral.

What if you have to move a deceased person from one place to another? 

What Do You Need To Do When Death Happens Away From Home?

If a loved one has died in another state and the family wishes to give their remains back to the state of origin, you have three options in the Philippines: transport the body by land, sea or air. This is what is referred to as ‘domestic funeral shipping.

By Land

Moving the deceased body by land might be the most cost-effective as some of the local funeral homes offer the service. You will pay per kilometer rate, preparation of the body for transportation, document fees, and other fees before transporting the body by land.

By Sea

Living in an archipelago such as the Philippines, traveling by sea is one of the best options when by air is too expensive. You should coordinate first with the shipping company to know their regulations on how to prepare the dead body for transportation and other fees. The next thing you will do is to talk to your chosen mortuary. If your funeral home has a local branch in your destination, it would be better; otherwise, you need to contact the receiving mortuary. There are shipment documents that you need to prepare. The mortuary should be able to help you provide such documents.

By Air

Transporting by air is faster, but can be expensive. There are some airline companies that offer human remains cargo shipping. Most mortuaries are familiar with transporting deceased bodies by air. They might also have special arrangements with some companies that might be cost-efficient for you. It would be wiser to choose a mortuary that has a local branch in the destination. This way, you do not have to find a receiving funeral home. 

Transporting the cremains

If the death happened away from home and there is no need for a viewing or funeral service before the cremation, you can ask the crematorium or mortuary to help you with the documents needed to transport the cremains by land, sea, or air. You can then, later on, decide how to celebrate the life of your deceased loved one or arrange a memorial with family and close friends of the deceased.

Mortuaries offer a funeral package that includes pick up of the deceased body, embalming, casket, hearse, and more. They also can assist, procure legal documents, including the permits necessary when you need to transport the dead body. No matter where the death happened, talking to the local funeral director is the first thing to begin the process. If you are a pre-need policyholder, call the claim hotline to know how you can use it.

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