How Technology Make Funeral Planning Easier

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Being a new business owner can be tough in the Philippines. With at least 7,000 islands to provide service to, it is a challenge to remain visible. But, the technology available nowadays can be your greatest friend and asset. 

From Wikipedia: “As of 2016, more than 44,000,000 people used the internet in the country, accounting for 43.5% of the total population.” And from the House of IT: “47% of Filipinos are active social media users and 40% are active mobile social users. The total number of mobile subscriptions in the Philippines is 119.2 million; it’s 117% of the total Filipino population.”

Technology and the internet is a game-changer for business owners’ who are just starting up, whether with a limited budget or deep-pocket investors. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing boomed versus the traditional way of marketing – tv ads, newspaper ads, and print ads. 

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Even the funeral industry relies greatly on internet marketing. Social media and the interweb can help you with that immensely. Facebook and Google are the most popular tools for people to see and market your business. 

In a 2017 PNRnewswise article: “This year’s findings reveal that 62.5 percent of consumers felt it was very important to communicate their funeral plans and wishes to family members prior to their own death, yet only 21.4 percent had done so.”  That is very low. To be able to survive, a funeral business has to be memorable and visible – to remind everyone, every day of the importance of pre-need plans. 

Technology also helps business owners with more training and free software updates for marketing. Instant interaction with possible preplanned funeral customers can now be done through chat and teleconferencing, especially for OFWs and immigrants who wished to be buried in the Philippines. 

This advantage is a game-changer for funeral-related businesses. To be able to search, plan your funeral in the comfort of your home overseas, and eventually choose a funeral home from a particular city or your own hometown in the Philippines that best suits and provides your need is just convenience at its finest. 

This is the main goal of Funerallink. With owners who have experience in both the funeral and the IT sector, “Funerallink is designed to be effective, convenient and provide you with greater options when it comes to your loved one’s funeral service provider.” at the comfort of your homes. 

But like every software available, it doesn’t end there. The world and its technology change by the minute. New ones are built and upgrades are done all the time. 

Here’s hoping and promising, Funerallink will keep giving top-notch service to everyone, making the website a one-stop-shop for all pre-need plans. 

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