How To Differentiate A Good Funeral Home From A Bad One?

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Right after losing a loved one, emotions can be intense, while thoughts can be confusing or lost. Sadly, this is the state in which you may also need to make difficult decisions, including choosing a funeral home for afterlife services. With so many options available, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find out which funeral home is the right choice for you. 

To help you, we created a list to help you distinguish the good funeral home from the bad one:

How updated is your funeral home? 

You can find out a great deal about a funeral home via their website or at least social media pages such as Facebook. Although most of the funeral homes in the Philippines have not embraced the technology yet, it would be convenient for their customers to be able to reach them online. A good funeral home will have an easy-to-read and understandable website and updated social media pages. If their site is up-to-date and allows you easy access to funeral directors to ask questions, then it is likely that the funeral home is also modern and functional. This means they might be able to respond to requests for memorial videos, celebration playlists, or other digital requests. A funeral home that refuses to embrace modernity and grow with the world as it is changing may present difficulties that make it less than ideal for your needs.

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Does your funeral home have price transparency? 

A good funeral home will always be honest with you regarding prices and funeral expenses. You should know exactly how you get your money’s worth, with all the details provided to you. Although some funeral homes are more expensive than others, this can often be related to the quality of care provided and the type of services chosen. A number of funeral homes offer payment plans for their services, as well as pre-planning and pre-pay options.   If the funeral home you are in contact with does not include pricing information when you request it, you can nearly guarantee that they will try to sell you or include hidden fees and fees.

How To Differentiate A Good Funeral Home From A Bad One?

Do you find your funeral home accommodating? 

Each funeral service is different, as well as each life celebrated is different. A good funeral home knows this and whenever possible to create the service you want to help express the lived life. Great funeral homes will have knowledgeable and experienced funeral directors ready to meet your needs.  It includes suggestions for flowers and programs as well as contacts with officiants and celebrants to address all specific religious needs. Your funeral directors should provide comfort, expertise, and support to create a service that stays within your budget. If your funeral home is rigid and uncompromising, they may have a strict rule that is easy and profitable for them. Under these circumstances, you may sometimes find the funeral home cutting corners or even limiting your ability to express your loved one’s life.

Is your funeral parlor legal and have the necessary permits required by law? 

The best funeral homes are actively involved in their communities. They are culturally and economically connected to the city where they live. They have all the necessary business permits and licenses required by the government. Their website reviews will be real people speaking about their real experiences. If the funeral home you’re looking at doesn’t present itself that way, it may be a huge red flag. Get out and don’t turn around.

Is your funeral home readily available when you need them? 

During the swirling period after the loss of a loved one, you need the help and support of a committed funeral home. The best funeral homes will have dedicated individuals available to talk to you when you need them, day and night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Funeral directors and their assistants will treat you with compassion and kindness, making additional efforts to answer any questions or provide planning suggestions. If the funeral home you are considering is unavailable when you need it, you should look somewhere else. Now is the time to request assistance, and if a funeral home is not available to you, you should find one that is.

Our funeral home partners are honored to be of service and support to you during this difficult time, offering advice and compassion while seamlessly assisting you in planning a funeral service. Your loved one deserves to be buried where they will be cared for with the same care in death as they were in his life. You may book a funeral service here without additional charges.

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